My work is reactionary and process focused. I often explore themes of religion, violence, sexuality, humanity, taboo, pop culture, and gender. I am interested in art that makes people uncomfortable. I begin conceptually and then move to searching 
for iconic or striking images on Google. Search terms include: Christ, Garden of Gethsemane, Satanism, blood orgy, religious parody, religious propaganda, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, and religious art. I then print these images out, cut them out, and use them to
create small collages which I have recently began working into with ink. These small works rely on juxtaposition which is
 mostly intuitive. I seek to create alternate realities in which varying degrees of realism coexist. My work is highly impacted by my response to the materials as well as the scale of the work. Recently I have been working specifically with juxtaposed Satanist, Christian, and cultural 


I have been trying to be more precise and deliberate with my mark. And in some cases more sparing. I have overall been much more intentional about placement of figures and I think it really shows. I really like this set!

Since beginning this semester’s work I have been looking at different artists than last semester. I’ve moved from looking at artist’s for their aesthetics to at them conceptually. Here are the three I’ve found so far that have helped me define my own work in a more concrete/specific way.



He has been by far my biggest influence when thinking about my own work. The week I found out about him he committed suicide and this was pretty upsetting. This Art21 video about him speaks to the aspects of his work I find most interesting. His thoughts on pop culture have definitely influenced my own this semester.



Before I knew who he was I knew (and had used in my own work) Piss Christ. It really hit on a lot of what my work (especially last semester’s) touched on. Making the sacred profane, and re-appropriation of religious images is what Serrano is all about. His work is pretty gnarly and still grosses me out, but thats what I absolutely love about it.













I just learned about him as an artist the other day, but I grew up watching his dogs with human hands eating spaghetti on Nickelodeon. I find his works about his dog, Man Ray, to be uninspiring to me personally, but his paintings and works on paper are really interesting. They’re pretty low key compared to the two artists above, but very subtly hint at a lot of the same ideas. Also he did a hilarious collaboration with Steve Martin.